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We manufacture a wide range of tin cans of different shapes and sizes, suitable for various applications.


A variety of plain and printed tin containers is available with option of slip lids, lever lids, pillow lids, sealed lids and easy opening lids.

We also offer all types of general line can components including, Integral Neck Gallon can top and ends, aerosol tops and ends, dozens of other types of lids, caps, seals etc. in stock and made to order.

Our product range include;

* Round tin cans in different dias and shapes
* Irregular Cans from 6 liter to 1/4 liter (rectangular, square, oval)
* Open top food cans
* Shoe polish tins and cream tins of 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml etc, made in tinplate and aluminium
* Thermoflask outers and oil filter bodies
* Pilfer proof and screw caps of different sizes.
* Specialized decorated cans for cosmetics including talcum powder.
* Specilaized cans for confectionery, tea, coffee, milk powder and a number of other products.

* Click Clack and press off tins

We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the product specifications. Services

Sheet Metal Parts
We also make sheet metal items like mop sockets etc. A sample or drawing can be copied easily. Forward yoru requirement and we will give you a quote.


Canned Food

We also process and pack different food stuff in tin cans. This division is located in the same facility and all processing is done under one roof, thus ensuring strict quality control.

The new range of products include canned fruits, fruit pulps, spices, marinations, and lots of other pre-cooked and boiled food stuff.

Hashimi Can Company Ltd
B-24 S.I.T.E 75700
Karachi, Pakistan.